Vietnamese Macadamia

Contains many macadamia nuts, also has many health benefits. Taste attractive, characteristic fatty taste of this nut. Best of all, they do not have to pay a lot of fees, such as import / export fees, long distance charges like Australian Macaques, so they are better. Vietnamese macaque is also a good choice for the use of this nut.

In Vietnam, macadamia is grown in Tay Nguyen (lying along the west of Vietnam). This is considered to be the most favorable climate for the development of macadamia. Vietnam has carefully studied the properties as well as adaptability of this plant. This process lasted from 1994 to 2010. And now Vietnam has widely planted this species in the Tay Nguyen Vietnam.

In this climate, however, the climate is not entirely suitable for well-developed macaques, and in these areas it can be said that during the day the tropical climate at night is temperate. Because of this, the quality of Macadamia nuts in Vietnam is still not comparable to the quality of Australian Macadamia nuts.

Macaque of Vietnam is identified by the following details: Macaque size is uneven, thinning thickness of Macadamia nut on the same fruit is uneven, the position is thin shell but the same seed in place Other shells are thick. This is the point of recognition Macca Vietnam.

Although the quality is not as high as Australian macadamia nut macca Vietnam is still consuming, every year Macca Vietnam only enough to supply the market in the few months after the harvest season. Because of its price, Vietnamese people are fond of fresh macca.