Sweet potato root for farmers

In the population of sweet potatoes they first acted as a food crop, thanks to them, farmers have overcome periods of famine in history, thanks to sweet potatoes that farmers improved. Living in modern times, sweet potatoes also contribute to enriching the recipes in farmers’ families.

Sweet potato roots and farmers overcome hunger in history

Not to mention the great famine recorded by the current history, sweet potato roots play a huge role in solving food accidents, especially in January and February. These two months for the northern central region of Vietnam are the two most hungry months, in the early 1990s there was still a severe food shortage in these two months. To solve the problem, farmers in this area intercropped one season of sweet potatoes in the middle of the two main rice seasons. When the rice is not ready to harvest, the sweet potato roots can be harvested, if convenient, just in time to solve the food problem, especially for large families like my family, potatoes. Lang harvested to boil and mixed with rice cooked from the rice plate gathered before, the first few days also felt interesting, but more and more tired. But it is also impossible to deny the role of sweet potatoes in the early 1990s.

Sweet potato root helps improve farmers’ lives

Sweet potato root does not need too fertile soil, it does not need too much capital, especially the time from planting to harvesting the sweet potato is not too long. Therefore, farmers in many places have chosen sweet potatoes to make crops, intercropping between main crops. Not much, but it has helped farmers improve their quality of life.

Sweet potato root enriches family meals

In the early 1990s, sweet potato tubers acted as a staple food in the days of lack of food, and today sweet potato tubers are present in many recipes of farmer families, not only present on the farmers’ trays, but also sweet potatoes also contribute significantly to the recipes of luxurious restaurants to sidewalks.

Sweet potatoes are food crops throughout the history of Vietnamese farmers, most of them are not aware of this food crop. And we all cannot deny its importance to our lives.