Guided processing of dishes from sesame seeds

Effect of kidney, kidney cleansing area, laxative, rejuvenation, birth control. Used for body weakness, premature gray beard, anemia, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, hypertension, low milk, constipation, haemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, dysentery. Below we would like to introduce you some foods from healthy sesame.

Relieve body weakness: black sesame 100g, young leaves 100g. Black sesame seeds, ripe young leaves, dried; All flour, honey with honey. Day 10 – 20g.

Cure hemorrhoids: black sesame 12g, 12g 12g, 12g bronze, pollen 12g, 9g 9g, cross 9g, 9g, 9g, 9g, 4g. Drinks, 1 month.

Psoriasis treatment: black sesame 12g, 12g ginseng, 12g birthplace, 12g horse head, 12g honeycomb. Drinks, 1 month.

Additive: 500g black sesame seeds, 1000g fresh leaves, dried young leaves (dried noodles) 500g, lotus seeds 150g, leaves 100g spring rolls. All flour, baked with honey to complete. Take 2 times, 10g (light, dark).

Cure hyperthermia, sclerosis, constipation: black sesame 50g, 50g hamburger, 50g all. Fine powdered flour, refined with honey. Drink 3 times, each time 10g.

Sesame Rice: Black rice, black sesame evenly, together with porridge, add sugar or salt. Eat hot or cold for breakfast, supper. For elderly people to improve health, For cases of early hair loss, headache, dizziness, dizziness, anemia, constipation.

Loose black sesame seeds: black sesame 250g, fresh ginger 120g, alum sugar 120g, honey 120g. Black-rinded black sesame; freshly squeezed ginger juice, added bile and sugar syrup,

Refill for boiling, mix with black sesame powder, let cool; put in a jar. Day 2 morning, afternoon, each time eating a tablespoon. Used for chronic bronchitis, tacoblón active.

Gan chicken fried black bread: 250g chicken liver, black sesame 100g, chicken eggs 2 fruit. Black-rinded black sesame; washed chicken sliced ​​clean, pepper salt seasoning ginger, fried cooked.

Eggs hit the bowl, mixed with fried flour; Then mix chicken liver with black sesame powder. Pour in the pan, when the oil is boiling, the chicken liver has been soaked in egg fried eggs. Eat a day or two times. 7 to 20 days. Used for cases of corneal ulcers due to malnutrition, especially due to lack of vitamin A in children, the elderly…

Black sesame with leg rolls: Black sesame 250 grams, roasted, smooth. Each time to eat 10-15g, served with soup rolls, 2 to 3 times. For women after low birth. Spices: Black sesame seeds (black sesame) 250g, peaches 150g, honey 150ml.

Graduated black sesame seeds dried, finely chopped, mixed honey to complete; 9g each. Three times a day, one tablet. For cases of tuberculosis, pertussis, asthma.