Mixed salads Macadamia nuts and chicken and apples

Macadamia nut salad is always a good choice to enhance your health as well as support your body weight balance. Macadamia nuts can be added to this dish to enrich the recipes of the dish in general and improve the beauty in particular.

Ingredients for Macadamia nuts include chicken, macadamia and apple, along with raw vegetables, cucumbers, green beans, avocados and other seasonings.

Macca’s macaroni salad is considered a new creation for Chicken Salad that has been used so much ever since. Nowadays, with the contribution of macca seeds contribute to make this dish more delicious and nutritious. Especially suitable for those who are in the diet of body weight reduction, and beauty.

How to make Macadamia Salad: We bring the chicken to boil and cut into small pieces, then tucked into small fibers, torn by chicken meat. Macca beans are ripe and macadamia nuts are beaten. The vegetables we wash, soaked in salt water for 15 to 20 minutes, then picked out and drained. Next we peel apples and cucumber, cut apple and cucumber into small pieces. Finally, we mixed all the salad and mix.

Depending on your creativity and our own taste, you can make delicious, nutritious and eye-catching dishes that are full of nutritional value for yourself and your loved ones. Macadamia Salad Blend will help improve the shape and skin of each of us.