How to preserve Macca nuts in hot and humid climatic conditions

In the hot summer weather and to preserve macadamia in hot weather conditions, we need to do many different things, to ensure the quality of macca nuts, not much oil smell. In this article we will show you how to preserve macadamia in the hot and humid climate of summer.

Packaging to preserve macadamia in hot and humid climatic conditions

In summer, the weather is hot with lots of moisture. At this time, to preserve Macca nuts, the first thing we need to care about is the packaging for preservation. The packaging should have a zip bag, the packaging should not be too thin, make sure the air in the packaging is sucked when packing Macadamia seeds for storage, nor should it use transparent packaging to preserve Macca nuts. It is recommended to use dark colored packaging, if there is black, it will be better. Using a dark-colored packaging makes the external environment not much affect the environment inside the packaging.

Vacuum and place desiccant bags for product packaging when packing Macca nuts

Vacuuming here is to suck up the air when packing, which helps the macca nut to get the best environment, suitable for keeping macadamia for a long time, without compromising the quality of macca nuts throughout. Preservation process.

Because the environment is hot and humid, we need to put more desiccant bags into each package of Macca seeds when packing. The desiccant bag will help us to absorb the moisture as well as the smell of Macca seed oil generated by the climatic conditions that produce this odor. The smell of macca seed oil affects the quality of the product when we enjoy it. Smell of macca seed oil even makes people uncomfortable or even some people may be allergic to the smell of Macca nut oil.

Where macca seeds are stored in hot and humid climatic conditions

In summer the weather is hot, the air contains a lot of moisture. So we need to choose a place with a cool climate, such as a basement or other places of the house, where sunlight does not directly enter, the atmosphere there is not too hot to preserve Macca County . We should do this well to ensure Macca seeds do not excrete too much oil, Macca seed oil secretion due to hot weather not only reduces its taste but also significantly reduces the quality of Macca nuts.

Macca grain cabinet

Macca nut cabinets should be a foot-mounted cabinet with wheels, which helps us to move cabinets easily, in the process of moving does not affect the preservation of disturbed Macca nuts. In addition, when the cabinet is fitted with wheels they also help us move and arrange as quickly as possible, saving energy during the moving arrangement.

Fire extinguisher in the room to preserve Macca nuts

Summer is hot and humid, everything in the room is easy to catch fire. In order to ensure that it does not affect the life as well as the material in the preservation room, we need to equip a fire extinguisher and a fire alarm in the room. Any school can happen and in case we need to equip everything if possible. Fires if we happen we respond quickly and more promptly. Fire extinguishers not only guarantee our lives, they also help us to reduce the damage caused by fire effectively.

All of these things need to be followed correctly, we need to comply with the rules in the preservation of macadamia in hot and humid climatic conditions and to do these things well. Macca nuts before being marketed, before processing, help our customers get great experiences when using these nuts. As well as helping us get delicious dishes for family members, thereby improving the quality of our lives.