Macca’s Milk Guide

As we know macadamia nuts are one of the important nutrients that Macca’s milk should be. This article will teach you how to make macca milk delicious and nutritious.

Essential Ingredients for Macca Milk

Lung: 2 tablets or 15 grams
Macadamia nuts: 130 grams (the peeled type)

How to make macca milk

We proceed to soak maccadamia nuts in about 2 to 4 hours, to macadamia nuts from the soft. If you do not have time to soak the Macadamia nuts, you can use the blender manually.

After soaking the Macadamia nuts, let the lung into the blender and mash thoroughly, so that the macadamia seeds are smooth and the lung sugar dissolves into the macadamia nut to form a smooth mixture. After that, we proceed for less water, continue to grind for a few minutes.

Using filter bag to remove the residue in the mixture, we separate the milk and macca particles left. Take the milk to cook until the milk is cooked. The remaining macca seeds we processed with other recipes.

Milk from Macca seed is sweet, fragrant, fat. With simple processing we are easy to process in the condition of our home. Simple but they bring a lot of nutrients necessary for the development of children’s brain in particular and good for each of us in general.