Gifts in Macca nuts on major occasions

With the price not too high but the nutritional value is not small with the delicious taste from Macca nut, consumers can choose for themselves the luxurious, unique, novel and very good gifts. Using Macca seeds as gifts is suitable for all subjects and people’s pockets. That is the Macca County of Australia. Nuts are known as queens of dried fruits and have a fever in the market.

Natural gifts are good for health

During major holidays and in important days of loved ones, besides foods such as upland specialties, exotic shaped fruits, dry nuts are rich in nutritional values ​​such as: brain nuts Dogs, almonds, pecans, cashew nuts, macca nuts are also very popular items in this year’s Tet season.

In particular, only in the last year, the market of dried fruits and nuts started to appear exciting when new products appeared with outstanding nutritional value of Macca nuts.

The kernel of Macca nut has an oil content of 78%, higher than that of peanut (44.8%), cashew nuts (47%) and many other nutritional values. In the Macca nut oil, there are over 87% unsaturated fatty acids, including many types that the human body cannot synthesize. When eating, lowering cholesterol, can help prevent atherosclerosis.

Protein content in Macca kernel has 9.2%, including 20 amino acids including 8 essential amino acids for human body. Regular eating of macca nuts will have enough nutrients to be balanced at a fairly balanced level, not cause weight gain or obesity and is good for all diets. In particular, the kernel of macca nuts contains many minerals, many vitamins, omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 are very beneficial for pregnant women and children, providing abundant energy sources with high calorie content twice as much as other nuts.

In addition, macadamia nuts also have great effects in preventing, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, good for the elderly, high blood pressure, enhance male physiology. Not only that, macca nuts also work beauty, is one of the medicinal herbs for hair and skin beauty, a very unique material in cuisine.

Macca nuts are rated better than cashews, almonds and peach nuts. Crunchy Macca kernels that are not hard, used to eat raw, roasted or stir-fry cooked with salty foods are all delicious, padded into cup cream, chocolate candy, gato cake and many other sweets to make these food prices rise. treatment. Macca kernel can completely be used to blow away, cook tea, make flexible cakes, baked goods and a lot of traditional dishes of many ethnic groups in the world, creating more appeal for the culinary cuisine system.

Also by bringing outstanding nutritional value and emotional meaning in it, many people have added it as a good message in the New Year’s occasion.

Diverse gift items from Macca nust

Currently, in the market, consumers can choose, buy products of Macca nuts imported from Australia and distributed by bibimart with various flavors such as roasted Macca seeds, roasted Macca seeds honey, natural macca seeds, macca seeds have a mustard flavor and many other finished products.

Giving gifts during big holidays is considered an indispensable culture in daily life. However, in the current situation of saturated and competitive market, smart consumers will have the most accurate decision to choose products that are both good quality and good for health and especially convey the sentiments and love messages of the sender to the gift recipient.