Chinese macadamia

Chinese Macadamia is grown, caring and harvested in China. As a country spread across many climates, Macadamia nuts are grown in temperate climates, but temperate climates in China are also susceptible to entry from other climatic zones. Because of this, the quality of macadamia nuts is not appreciated.

To distinguish Chinese Macadamia nuts from other Macadamia nuts, we only need to look at the Macadamia nut’s saw through the eye. The lines are beautiful and very uniform, unlike the Australian macaque they have a natural peel.

Macadamia nuts are also recognized by the oil, because they are not processed properly or due to climatic conditions. And the fat is not equal to Australian macaques, this is only those who have ever eaten Australian Macadamia nuts can distinguish.

However, Chinese Macaque is very competitive. So we can also consider using maca beans. The goods originating in China today in the majority of Vietnamese people are not very sympathetic.