Australian Macadamia

Australian Macadamia is a macadamia planted and tended, as well as harvested and processed in Australia that is then packaged and exported to other markets around the world.

Australian Macadamia is the largest macadamia nut in the market. They are grown and maintained in temperate climates, which is the condition that helps Maca grow best. Since then its cost has also increased in proportion.

Australian Macadamia nuts are usually marketed as Macadamia nuts, meaning they have been completely shredded, dried and then topped with salt or honey and canned by Australian food companies. Australian Macadamia goes into the Vietnamese market through import-export companies.

It is from our analysis that, at the time of purchase of Australian Macadamia, we have to ask the supply side to present a picture of imported and exported CO to prove the source and the actual safe harbor. if necessary. However, we think that only export-import CO from import-export companies is enough to prove the source of goods.