The abundance of almonds in the cooking menu

Almond kernels with ingredients that contain many important nutrients, are the favorite foods of many people, so they are present in many recipes. Almond nuts can be used to make almond ice cream, can also make macaroons, or can cook almond porridge, and the simplest is to enjoy dried roasted almond seeds.

Almond ice cream

Almond nuts have a slightly fatty taste, fleshy, aromatic, when using almond seeds to make ice cream will help our ice cream dish not only become more eye-catching with a visually appealing brown color, but this ice cream dish also helps them We get valuable experiences with this kind of seed.

Nuclear seed cake

Almond nuts are used to make baked goods, can also use almonds in the recipe for biscuits. How to use almonds to make cakes is not too difficult. We roasted almond seeds, peeled off the crust outside the seeds, and continued to roast almonds again, when the almonds were ripe, we put them to cool. After the almonds have cooled we put the almonds in the blender and proceed to grind almonds into small pieces close to peanuts. Finally, we mixed almonds into the cake recipes.

Almond porridge

Almond nuts contain many nutrients that help our bodies recover health as well as help our bodies gain certain growth. Combine with the delicious taste of this seed. So more and more people use almonds to cook porridge, which increases the abundance of porridge, making the porridge more delicious and nutritious. How to use almond seeds to cook porridge not too picky, roasted almond seeds, peel off the peel and continue roasting, roasting until almond seeds become crunchy, then put in the blender and proceed to puree the grain. almond. When our porridge pot is cooked, we proceed to put the almond flour in, then turn off the heat and proceed to enjoy almond porridge.

Dried roasted almond seeds

This is the simplest way for us to enjoy and experience almonds. We prepare some spices that we and our family members like, soak almonds in that spice for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then we put it out to drain and put it in a pan and then roast it. At the beginning of roasting, we roast it in a big fire, after the almonds have started to dry, we leave the roasted fire until the almonds are ripe, crispy.

Almond nuts in recipes are very rich if we know how to combine. In addition to the presence in the above recipes, almond seeds can also be used to prepare different delicacies, but within the framework of an article we cannot fully describe, we will update update the following articles. We can also use macca nuts in combination with almonds to create nutritious delicacies according to our preferences.