Frequently asked questions about the use macadamia nuts

People who regularly use cauliflower actually tend to increase body weight 15 to 16 times slower than the high-fat diet in animals. Regularly healthy diets with high levels of macaques contribute to a healthy heart without causing weight gain. Researchers have shown a number of reasons why dry macadamia nuts do not cause uncontrolled weight gain in many ways. In addition, the use of macadamia nuts is very diverse.

Seeds are infected with obesity

People who regularly use cauliflower actually tend to increase body weight 15.16 times slower than the high-fat diet in animals. According to the evaluation of 82 large-scale practical studies, healthy diets with healthy diets contribute to healthy hearts without causing weight gain. Researchers have shown a number of reasons why dry macadamia nuts do not cause extra weight gain by controlling.

Causes the body to satisfy hunger and reduce appetite. Do not increase blood sugar and insulin, Calorie intake into the body is not fully absorbed.

Adding cautions to your eating plan is a great way to add healthy nutrients and fats. You can eat about 30g of macadamia every day to control your calorie intake well, Stop shifts instead of less healthy foods like cakes, biscuits, candies, soft drinks and alcohol.

People with high cholesterol – Should I eat macadamia?

In fact, macadamia is being demonstrated to reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood in scientific studies. If your cholesterol level is high, eating a regular case of cocoa as a healthy snack every day will help your heart to function effectively. The combination of good fats, dietary fiber and plant sterols makes an excellent choice in a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Is macadamia nut good for cardiovascular health?

Macadamia contains a healthy amount of unsaturated oils that help maintain the ideal cholesterol level, and they also contain natural plant sterols that benefit cholesterol. Macadamia also contains an amount of amino acid called arginine, which helps maintain healthy blood vessels.

How to prevent cautions to avoid blood sugar?

Too many pure carbohydrate foods will cause a high blood sugar index (GI) to upset metabolism and can lead to a sudden increase in snow sugar. Macadamia nuts are the perfect solution for stabilizing blood sugar. When added to a main meal or snack they help lower blood sugar through healthy fatty acids, proteins and minerals. For many people, the inactive insulin (insulin resistance), macadamia will help support more stable insulin regulation.

How does macadamia affect diabetes?

Macadamia is an ideal food for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes. Research assessments show that eating nuts helps to improve and control blood sugar very well, especially for people with type 2 diabetes. Macadamia can be added to the main diet or to make flap dishes. daily for the sick. People with diabetes or prediabetes are at higher risk of developing heart disease, so the combination of heart-healthy fats in nuts like macadamia also makes people safer. An analysis of many studies involving more than 500,000 people showed that eating 30 grams of cabbage seeds per week reduced the risk of developing type 2 to 31% diabetes, and cardiovascular disease by 50%.

Is the use of macadamia nuts good for the digestive system?

For every 30 grams of macadamia containing about 2 grams of fiber not only helps maintain good intestinal digestion, but the blood cholesterol level is also very good.

Which is better than fresh roasted and fresh cauldron?

Both seeds are very good for health and the choice is everyone’s appetite. Some people think that roasted nuts are high in fat but even when they are released they do not need the intervention of external oils. Technically, the system of drying or roasting food often reduces the concentration of vitamin B by heat, but on roasting process cases, it always ensures the amount of nutrients because they only reduce the water content. Macadamia and roasted macadamia all retain the same nutritional content as regular macadamia.

Data for the brain

Macadamia nuts contain many minerals: iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, C & E, B vitamins, fatty acids, 20 kinds of amino acids, of which 8 types of amino acids help strengthen the immune system.

Macadamia seeds help the body recreate the immune system, and at the same time fully replenish minerals according to the nurturing and energy-enhancing mechanism for the body. Macadamia helps balance the body and rejuvenate the glands, contributing to controlling stress, enhancing immunity. When the body is stressed, easily shocking, stroke, can even lead to death.

Causes of stress are caused by an imbalance and lack of nutrition and hormones, high mental pressure, long-term exposure to toxins, adrenaline, cortisol and serotonin hormone levels in the body. imbalance.

Macadamia nuts help regulate adrenaline, serotonin and reduce cortisol levels (when adrenaline, serotonin cortisol) are out of control, it is more likely to be depressed and gain weight.

Macadamia seeds provide essential substances for the body to function properly: fatty acids, polysaccharides, alkaloids, sterols and many other nutrients.

Until now, macadamia nuts have always been the food that provides the body with the most necessary nutrients. Ca tru is also called “super food” by scientists. One study has shown that macadamia is very good at improving memory, improving concentration in learning and working. If you feel tired, mentally sluggish and unable to concentrate on your work, you should eat shift to strengthen your mind, be alert and be more refreshing so you can focus on the best work. Parents can also supplement the child with macadamia to improve the learning performance of the child, helping children to be smarter.

Uses of macadamia help Reduce stress and anxiety

Some scientific studies have shown that macadamia improves mood and relieves stress due to its inherent essential oils. It is like a medicine to help fight depression. You should eat a shift to get rid of discomfort and change your mood better when you are stressed.

How healthy is a healthy diet?

You can eat a handful of cases (about 30g, equivalent to 15-20 seeds) every day if you want. A review of studies shows that 30 grams of seeds per day will provide the best benefits for heart health without worrying about gaining weight.

Is it too good to eat too much salt roasted?

Macadamia is a naturally nutritious food with many health benefits, but if too much sodium (salt) in the diet will also raise blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease. It is advisable to limit salt intake and can replace it with other types of flavor flavors to minimize the amount of excess salt that harms the body and reinforces the use of macadamia nuts.

With all the doubts about the macadamia nuts of many people, knowing this, we have researched and wrote this article, hoping to be of great help to you in the process of using macadamia nuts.

Instructions for cooking macca nut soup with squash

Soup of macca seeds with squash is a soup that brings many effects to enhance health as well as bring appetite when enjoying. Melon helps heat, cool the body and combine with macca seeds to bring more effects to the brain as well as the nervous system, and many other effects come from unsaturated fat found in Macca nuts. This combination creates a macca nut soup with squash that ensures many people love it.

1. Ingredients for processing macca nut soup with squash

In this recipe, squash and macadamia are the main ingredients. Next to squash and macca seeds we need to add a little seasoning, along with water and some pureed meat.

Our squash should choose stout and firm fruits, without pests, so choose an old squash. To know the old squash we have the background looking at the chalk layer outside the squash, if the chalk is white, the squash is certainly old, ensuring the requirements.

Macca seeds we should choose to buy in reputable places, avoid buying macca seeds for too long, the long-time storage will make Macca seeds stink, easy to cause poisoning, because in Macca seeds have many oils, types This oil is easily molded. Mold types in oilseeds contain many dangerous toxins.

2. How to make macca seed soup with squash

Melon after choosing the squash as desired, we wash it, wash off all the chalks outside the squash. Then we peel it, cut it into small pieces, finally we cut the bars into small pieces, with a maximum length of 1.5 to 2 cm. Set aside a basket.

Macca nuts we bring smashed, beating small by half peanut seeds. Bring roasted macca seeds over medium heat, roast until Macca seeds turn yellow then pour into a cup. Should not beat macca nuts too small nor should macca nuts too long, until Macca grain yellow, then turn off the stove immediately, then stir all the time and then stop.

3. How to cook macca nut soup with squash

Melon after being cut and cleaned, put it in the kitchen, add water, so that the water flooded all the squash, then increase the amount of water equal to the amount of water added to make the squash. Soak squash about 10 to 15 minutes then remove the basket to drain.

Put the pan on the stove, add some cooking oil to the pan, and then add a bit of ground meat to the pan, stirring it evenly, until the meat is fully cooked, then stop. Do not leave the fire too big, not roasting for too long. After the minced meat itself, we have put all the squash in and put clean water in the pumpkin. At the same time we let the roasted macca seeds, cooked, until the squash is soft, then we taste it. We can optionally taste the taste of family members. Finally we put some coriander on top, turn off the heat and proceed to enjoy.

The macca nut soup with squash, though through many complicated steps, but the time to prepare soup is not so much, the ingredients are easy to find and buy at food shops around us. Just spend no more than 1 hour we can finish processing Macca nut soup.

How to make macca nut jam

Macca nut jam is one of the most popular delicacies, they also bring many effects to enhance the body as well as enhance memory, besides it also helps our skeletal system to be better developed. . In this article we will show you how to make macca nut jam, to make macca nut jam, we need to prepare the main ingredient is macadamia nuts and other common jam ingredients in daily life.

The effects of macca nut jam

Macca nuts are one of the many nutritious nuts, we can make Macca nuts into many different delicacies. Because of that, the macca nut jam also contains the full effect of Macca nut. Not only that in this dish, macca nuts are combined with many other nuts, to increase the taste of the dish, increase the ability to restore health to those who eat them.

Raw materials used to make macca nut jam

Macca nuts are a key ingredient in this recipe, our macca nuts need to select the solid seeds, to ensure plenty of nutrients. Macca nuts should not select un-peeled seeds, nor select the seeds with too large a peeling path, not select the ones with the sugar split by hand. Next is eating sugar, we should not eat too much sugar in the recipes, because eating too much sugar is not good for our body in the long term. Glutinous rice flour is the last ingredient in this recipe, glutinous rice flour we should buy in reputable local food suppliers, do not buy glutinous rice flour that has been preserved for more than 6 months, because if glutinous rice flour is preserved in a good environment, after 6 months glutinous rice flour is also degraded, thereby making the delicious dish less attractive.

How to make macca nut jam

Macca seeds after we select the seeds like that, then remove the shell, roast evenly over high fire, roast until Macca seeds fall yellow. Then we smash Macca nuts into blocks of 1/2 peanut seeds.

Glutinous rice flour we also use the pan and roast evenly over medium heat, roasting until we see the sticky rice flour completely dry, turn off the heat and bring the glutinous rice flour out of the pan, into the cup to continue the next stage.

Now we put the cleaned pan on the stove, heat up the pan, then put the roasted Macca nut and crushed it together with glutinous rice flour, stirring it evenly for about 1 minute. Now let us add sugar and a little water, the amount of water to be added so as to make the sugar soak into Macca seeds and glutinous rice flour. Heat the donkey until the sugar melts and completely adheres to the Macca nut. Finally, we put some vanilla in the pan and stir it evenly, stirring until the mixes in the adhesive pan stick evenly to each other, stop, jam the macadamia seeds to cool, put in the storage jar to eat gradually.

How to make jam macca nuts is not too difficult, nor does it take too much of our time. On the contrary, this delicious dish will help our family have fun moments together, the dish of macca nut jam is also a way for us to become stronger, the dish also helps enrich their family meal me.

How to preserve Macca nuts in hot and humid climatic conditions

In the hot summer weather and to preserve macadamia in hot weather conditions, we need to do many different things, to ensure the quality of macca nuts, not much oil smell. In this article we will show you how to preserve macadamia in the hot and humid climate of summer.

Packaging to preserve macadamia in hot and humid climatic conditions

In summer, the weather is hot with lots of moisture. At this time, to preserve Macca nuts, the first thing we need to care about is the packaging for preservation. The packaging should have a zip bag, the packaging should not be too thin, make sure the air in the packaging is sucked when packing Macadamia seeds for storage, nor should it use transparent packaging to preserve Macca nuts. It is recommended to use dark colored packaging, if there is black, it will be better. Using a dark-colored packaging makes the external environment not much affect the environment inside the packaging.

Vacuum and place desiccant bags for product packaging when packing Macca nuts

Vacuuming here is to suck up the air when packing, which helps the macca nut to get the best environment, suitable for keeping macadamia for a long time, without compromising the quality of macca nuts throughout. Preservation process.

Because the environment is hot and humid, we need to put more desiccant bags into each package of Macca seeds when packing. The desiccant bag will help us to absorb the moisture as well as the smell of Macca seed oil generated by the climatic conditions that produce this odor. The smell of macca seed oil affects the quality of the product when we enjoy it. Smell of macca seed oil even makes people uncomfortable or even some people may be allergic to the smell of Macca nut oil.

Where macca seeds are stored in hot and humid climatic conditions

In summer the weather is hot, the air contains a lot of moisture. So we need to choose a place with a cool climate, such as a basement or other places of the house, where sunlight does not directly enter, the atmosphere there is not too hot to preserve Macca County . We should do this well to ensure Macca seeds do not excrete too much oil, Macca seed oil secretion due to hot weather not only reduces its taste but also significantly reduces the quality of Macca nuts.

Macca grain cabinet

Macca nut cabinets should be a foot-mounted cabinet with wheels, which helps us to move cabinets easily, in the process of moving does not affect the preservation of disturbed Macca nuts. In addition, when the cabinet is fitted with wheels they also help us move and arrange as quickly as possible, saving energy during the moving arrangement.

Fire extinguisher in the room to preserve Macca nuts

Summer is hot and humid, everything in the room is easy to catch fire. In order to ensure that it does not affect the life as well as the material in the preservation room, we need to equip a fire extinguisher and a fire alarm in the room. Any school can happen and in case we need to equip everything if possible. Fires if we happen we respond quickly and more promptly. Fire extinguishers not only guarantee our lives, they also help us to reduce the damage caused by fire effectively.

All of these things need to be followed correctly, we need to comply with the rules in the preservation of macadamia in hot and humid climatic conditions and to do these things well. Macca nuts before being marketed, before processing, help our customers get great experiences when using these nuts. As well as helping us get delicious dishes for family members, thereby improving the quality of our lives.

Gifts in Macca nuts on major occasions

With the price not too high but the nutritional value is not small with the delicious taste from Macca nut, consumers can choose for themselves the luxurious, unique, novel and very good gifts. Using Macca seeds as gifts is suitable for all subjects and people’s pockets. That is the Macca County of Australia. Nuts are known as queens of dried fruits and have a fever in the market.

Natural gifts are good for health

During major holidays and in important days of loved ones, besides foods such as upland specialties, exotic shaped fruits, dry nuts are rich in nutritional values ​​such as: brain nuts Dogs, almonds, pecans, cashew nuts, macca nuts are also very popular items in this year’s Tet season.

In particular, only in the last year, the market of dried fruits and nuts started to appear exciting when new products appeared with outstanding nutritional value of Macca nuts.

The kernel of Macca nut has an oil content of 78%, higher than that of peanut (44.8%), cashew nuts (47%) and many other nutritional values. In the Macca nut oil, there are over 87% unsaturated fatty acids, including many types that the human body cannot synthesize. When eating, lowering cholesterol, can help prevent atherosclerosis.

Protein content in Macca kernel has 9.2%, including 20 amino acids including 8 essential amino acids for human body. Regular eating of macca nuts will have enough nutrients to be balanced at a fairly balanced level, not cause weight gain or obesity and is good for all diets. In particular, the kernel of macca nuts contains many minerals, many vitamins, omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 are very beneficial for pregnant women and children, providing abundant energy sources with high calorie content twice as much as other nuts.

In addition, macadamia nuts also have great effects in preventing, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, good for the elderly, high blood pressure, enhance male physiology. Not only that, macca nuts also work beauty, is one of the medicinal herbs for hair and skin beauty, a very unique material in cuisine.

Macca nuts are rated better than cashews, almonds and peach nuts. Crunchy Macca kernels that are not hard, used to eat raw, roasted or stir-fry cooked with salty foods are all delicious, padded into cup cream, chocolate candy, gato cake and many other sweets to make these food prices rise. treatment. Macca kernel can completely be used to blow away, cook tea, make flexible cakes, baked goods and a lot of traditional dishes of many ethnic groups in the world, creating more appeal for the culinary cuisine system.

Also by bringing outstanding nutritional value and emotional meaning in it, many people have added it as a good message in the New Year’s occasion.

Diverse gift items from Macca nust

Currently, in the market, consumers can choose, buy products of Macca nuts imported from Australia and distributed by bibimart with various flavors such as roasted Macca seeds, roasted Macca seeds honey, natural macca seeds, macca seeds have a mustard flavor and many other finished products.

Giving gifts during big holidays is considered an indispensable culture in daily life. However, in the current situation of saturated and competitive market, smart consumers will have the most accurate decision to choose products that are both good quality and good for health and especially convey the sentiments and love messages of the sender to the gift recipient.

Sweet potato root for farmers

In the population of sweet potatoes they first acted as a food crop, thanks to them, farmers have overcome periods of famine in history, thanks to sweet potatoes that farmers improved. Living in modern times, sweet potatoes also contribute to enriching the recipes in farmers’ families.

Sweet potato roots and farmers overcome hunger in history

Not to mention the great famine recorded by the current history, sweet potato roots play a huge role in solving food accidents, especially in January and February. These two months for the northern central region of Vietnam are the two most hungry months, in the early 1990s there was still a severe food shortage in these two months. To solve the problem, farmers in this area intercropped one season of sweet potatoes in the middle of the two main rice seasons. When the rice is not ready to harvest, the sweet potato roots can be harvested, if convenient, just in time to solve the food problem, especially for large families like my family, potatoes. Lang harvested to boil and mixed with rice cooked from the rice plate gathered before, the first few days also felt interesting, but more and more tired. But it is also impossible to deny the role of sweet potatoes in the early 1990s.

Sweet potato root helps improve farmers’ lives

Sweet potato root does not need too fertile soil, it does not need too much capital, especially the time from planting to harvesting the sweet potato is not too long. Therefore, farmers in many places have chosen sweet potatoes to make crops, intercropping between main crops. Not much, but it has helped farmers improve their quality of life.

Sweet potato root enriches family meals

In the early 1990s, sweet potato tubers acted as a staple food in the days of lack of food, and today sweet potato tubers are present in many recipes of farmer families, not only present on the farmers’ trays, but also sweet potatoes also contribute significantly to the recipes of luxurious restaurants to sidewalks.

Sweet potatoes are food crops throughout the history of Vietnamese farmers, most of them are not aware of this food crop. And we all cannot deny its importance to our lives.

The abundance of almonds in the cooking menu

Almond kernels with ingredients that contain many important nutrients, are the favorite foods of many people, so they are present in many recipes. Almond nuts can be used to make almond ice cream, can also make macaroons, or can cook almond porridge, and the simplest is to enjoy dried roasted almond seeds.

Almond ice cream

Almond nuts have a slightly fatty taste, fleshy, aromatic, when using almond seeds to make ice cream will help our ice cream dish not only become more eye-catching with a visually appealing brown color, but this ice cream dish also helps them We get valuable experiences with this kind of seed.

Nuclear seed cake

Almond nuts are used to make baked goods, can also use almonds in the recipe for biscuits. How to use almonds to make cakes is not too difficult. We roasted almond seeds, peeled off the crust outside the seeds, and continued to roast almonds again, when the almonds were ripe, we put them to cool. After the almonds have cooled we put the almonds in the blender and proceed to grind almonds into small pieces close to peanuts. Finally, we mixed almonds into the cake recipes.

Almond porridge

Almond nuts contain many nutrients that help our bodies recover health as well as help our bodies gain certain growth. Combine with the delicious taste of this seed. So more and more people use almonds to cook porridge, which increases the abundance of porridge, making the porridge more delicious and nutritious. How to use almond seeds to cook porridge not too picky, roasted almond seeds, peel off the peel and continue roasting, roasting until almond seeds become crunchy, then put in the blender and proceed to puree the grain. almond. When our porridge pot is cooked, we proceed to put the almond flour in, then turn off the heat and proceed to enjoy almond porridge.

Dried roasted almond seeds

This is the simplest way for us to enjoy and experience almonds. We prepare some spices that we and our family members like, soak almonds in that spice for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then we put it out to drain and put it in a pan and then roast it. At the beginning of roasting, we roast it in a big fire, after the almonds have started to dry, we leave the roasted fire until the almonds are ripe, crispy.

Almond nuts in recipes are very rich if we know how to combine. In addition to the presence in the above recipes, almond seeds can also be used to prepare different delicacies, but within the framework of an article we cannot fully describe, we will update update the following articles. We can also use macca nuts in combination with almonds to create nutritious delicacies according to our preferences.

Macca nut richness on the menu

Macca nuts are one of the most nutritious nuts, they are also easily found in recipes for snacks, cakes, formula for making milk, Macca nuts can also make ice cream, Macca nuts can also be added to traditional dishes.

Macca nuts in snacks

In daily snacks for children or adults, the presence of macadamia increases the nutritional value for delicious dishes, also increases the interest for young children. Roasted macca nuts alone has been a favorite snack for many people, let alone combining these nuts with other nuts, combined with other foods to make a snack. prefer.

Macca nuts in baking recipes

The cakes have the participation of Macca nuts, especially scones, fragrant cakes, combined with the nutty and fleshy taste of Macca nuts. This combination brings a lot of valuable experience when enjoying the Macca nut cakes. Macca nuts are found widely in recipes for biscuits and pies.

Macca nuts make milk drink

Macadamia is a high-cost food product, so it is used to nourish children and pregnant women, make milk from macadamia to improve children’s health, and Helping children enjoy enjoyment when changing their daily diet. Macca nut milk also supplements many important nutrients to help the fetus be healthy right from the first days of being in the womb, also thanks to unsaturated fat that the mother can safely use this milk regularly without pay attention to body weight.

Macca nut in ice cream making

Cool, creamy ice cream, when you enjoy them, you will find delicious and fat Macca nuts. This increases the taste of the ice cream, bringing an extremely enjoyable experience to the enjoyment. Macca nuts are used to make ice cream must go through the processing stage, from normal seeds we have to roast nine, crushed or grinded macca nuts, then used to make ice cream.

Macca seeds increase the appeal of traditional dishes

Traditional dishes can use Macca nuts to increase the attractiveness of the dish, these are salad dishes, baked goods. All these items can be added with Macca nuts or Macca seeds to replace other similar seeds in the recipe.

Macca nuts are one of the benign foods, not impervious to any food, so combining this grain to increase the appeal, increasing the variety of food is easy, but we also need it. Be careful when combining it. Macca nuts give fat, fleshy taste. Should only be widely used in baked goods, cakes, or replace nuts such as peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts.

Nutritional value of chestnuts

Chestnuts are favorite snacks for many people, but chestnuts have many other amazing health benefits that you may not know.

Nutritional composition of chestnuts

Since ancient times, people have used chestnuts to process food and medicine because chestnuts have high nutritional content, good for health.

Of all nuts only chestnuts contain vitamin C. Dry chestnuts contain high levels of vitamins from 15.1 to 61.3 mg / 28.35g. The cooked, steamed chestnuts contain about 9.5-26.7 mg of vitamins.

That’s not to mention in the chestnut also contains B vitamins like folacin. All contain significant trace minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, man-liver, copper, selenium, zinc. It is also an exceptionally abundant source of potassium at 119 mg-715mg in 100g.

The composition of chestnuts contains many antioxidants. Chestnuts are rich in linoleic acid, a type of fatty acid belonging to the Omega-3 family. Unlike other nuts, the oil content of chestnuts is not high. The fat content of chestnuts is also less than other nuts. In chestnuts, phytosterols are also contained. On the other hand, chestnuts are rich in starch so they can provide a lot of energy.

High fiber helps stabilize blood sugar

Chestnuts have a high fiber content (100 grams of chestnuts with up to 8.1 grams of fiber). Fiber in chestnuts includes both soluble and insoluble forms. Soluble fiber is absorbed in water, forming a gel-like form inside the intestine, which helps reduce cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. Insoluble fiber makes it easy to have a bowel movement. This helps reduce the risk of constipation and intestinal complications such as intestinal mucositis.

People with stomach illness should avoid eating a lot of chestnuts because eating a lot of chestnuts will produce a lot of stomach acid, increase the burden on the stomach, people with severe will suffer from stomach bleeding, causing flatulence in the road Digestive, stomach, when severe will lead to constipation. Therefore, every day you should not eat more than 10 big chestnuts to avoid constipation.

Rich in carb helps stabilize energy

Chestnuts are fairly high carbohydrate grains (45 grams of carb in 100 grams of chestnuts). Carbs are essential for immediate and long-term regeneration and energy supply, while contributing to stabilizing nervous system function. Carbohydrates in chestnuts are synthetic carb, so they are slowly digested to help you feel full. However, if you are a “low-carb” person to avoid weight gain, you should not eat a lot of chestnuts.

Rich in vitamins to improve brain function, prevent cancer

Fat-soluble B vitamins present in chestnuts help produce red blood cells, break down proteins, convert starches and fats into energy. This process simultaneously promotes healthy skin and enhances brain function.

Chestnuts also contain lots of vitamin C (100 grams of chestnuts contain 43 grams of vitamin C). Vitamin C is essential for strong teeth, bones and blood vessels. Vitamin C is also considered an antioxidant that helps the body eliminate harmful free radicals. Thus, it can be said that chestnuts also work to prevent cancer caused by free radicals.

Rich in minerals helps reduce the risk of many diseases

In addition to popular vitamins, chestnuts also contain a variety of minerals that are useful for health and disease prevention. Chestnuts contain high levels of manganese. Melaleuca is one of the antioxidants capable of removing free radicals in the body and reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease. According to the Maryland Medical Center (USA), manganese also plays an important role in the aging process. A serving of nearly 100 grams of chestnuts contains just over 1 microgram of manganese but accounts for up to 50% of the recommended amount of manganese every day. Manganese also helps with tissue binding and coagulation.

The nuts are rich in folate, 100 grams of grain provide 62 mg of folate (accounting for 15.5% of the daily folate requirement.) Folate and folic acid are necessary for the formation of red blood cells, DNA synthesis. Adequate consumption of folate-rich foods during pregnancy also helps prevent neural tube defects in the fetus.

Copper is a trace mineral that enhances bone strength, blood cell formation and stabilizes nerve function, boosts the immune system. A trace mineral is only needed in a small amount of the body.

Contains lots of potassium, good for the heart

Every 518 grams of chestnut contains 100 grams of potassium. Potassium is a micronutrient that helps counteract hypertension of sodium, reducing heart rate and blood pressure. Thus, eating chestnuts daily will have a protective effect on the heart, preventing atherosclerosis and limiting the risk of hypertension.

Note when using chestnuts

Although chestnuts are useful, teens should not eat too much chestnuts at the same time. Eating enough, regularly daily will help promote the effect of chestnuts.

When eating nuts, teens also need to be careful not to eat nuts that show signs of malfunction. When peeling chestnuts if you see the color inside changes, you need to remove them immediately.

Before roasting or preparing food from your chestnuts, you should be careful to clean the chestnut or peel. When roasting teens should not roast chestnuts to the point of burning! Chestnut shells are quite hard so we need to boil them well before roasting. In order to preserve chestnuts, you should keep them in a cool, clean, termite room.

High quality nuts should eat every day

Scientific research proves that these products are an important part of a healthy diet.

Flaxseed: According to research, flaxseeds are good for health. Flax seeds contain natural hormones called phytoestrogens, which are effective against cancerous tumors, especially breast or prostate cancer. Fiber in linseed is good for the stomach and prevents inflammation. A tablespoon of flaxseed oil contains nearly 2 grams of omega-3 fat, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Sesame Seeds: The composition of these seeds reduces blood pressure and helps prevent stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. The antioxidants in sesame seeds reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. High levels of sesame oil help improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Pumpkin seeds: They contain large amounts of arginine, which helps dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow, preventing hypertension. These seeds are rich in calories and proteins are easily absorbed by the body and this helps stabilize blood sugar. High levels of vitamin A and vitamin E are responsible for the elasticity of the skin, which explains why pumpkin seeds are so popular in the cosmetics industry.

Almonds: Almonds stabilize lipids in the blood and lower the risk of heart disease in people with diabetes. Almonds are used as a snack or before meals to reduce the level of fat in the body. Because it is a substitute for animal protein, it gives you a sense of well-being and prevents you from eating too much.

Walnut: Walnuts are a lot of useful minerals. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. They are effective in reducing the symptoms of age-related disorders. Walnuts also contain men’s protection against prostate cancer.

Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds contain proteins, sulfur is good for muscle and bone tissue. They are also rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Sunflower seeds are used to prevent bronchial and lung infections.

Pistachios: Compared to other nuts, pistachios contain less fat and calories, but they contain a lot of acids, potassium, and carotenoids – chemicals that have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Pistachios used as a snack can help you control your weight and you will not feel hungry.

Cashew nuts contain a lot of iron needed to prevent anemia. They are also very helpful in controlling blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. Cashews also contain phosphorus and thiamine helps you dispel fatigue quickly. The anti-inflammatory effect of cashew nuts helps protect the body from the flu and helps the body build a stronger immune system.

Hazelnuts are rich in B vitamins that help keep bones and muscles healthy, and improve the immune system. Organic acids prevent the increase in cholesterol levels in the blood, preventing the development of cardiovascular disease.

Peanuts: This is one of the most common nuts in daily meals. Polyphenols in peanuts help protect the body’s cells from harmful free radicals. Linoleic acid lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevents sclerosis.

Brazil nuts: Thanks to its high fiber content and efficient colon cleansing, this grain improves digestion. Selenium helps to create cells responsible for the body’s immune system. Unsaturated fat in brazil nuts lowers blood sugar significantly, protecting the body against diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Pecan Piece: Because this grain has a lot of calories, it can give us a lot of energy. Vitamin E helps protect the body from negative effects of the environment and solar radiation. B vitamins improve the condition of the nails, skin and hair. Some other components of the grain help regulate testosterone levels and are good for the reproductive system.

Split seeds: These small particles can have a positive effect on the human body. Fatty acids such as omega 6 and omega 3, which are essential for cardiovascular activity, lower cholesterol levels. These seeds are good for women and B vitamins protect the body from skin diseases.

Do not forget that most nuts have lots of calories, so do not eat more than 30 grams a day.