Instructions for cooking macca nut soup with squash

Soup of macca seeds with squash is a soup that brings many effects to enhance health as well as bring appetite when enjoying. Melon helps heat, cool the body and combine with macca seeds to bring more effects to the brain as well as the nervous system, and many other effects come from unsaturated fat found in Macca nuts. This combination creates a macca nut soup with squash that ensures many people love it.

1. Ingredients for processing macca nut soup with squash

In this recipe, squash and macadamia are the main ingredients. Next to squash and macca seeds we need to add a little seasoning, along with water and some pureed meat.

Our squash should choose stout and firm fruits, without pests, so choose an old squash. To know the old squash we have the background looking at the chalk layer outside the squash, if the chalk is white, the squash is certainly old, ensuring the requirements.

Macca seeds we should choose to buy in reputable places, avoid buying macca seeds for too long, the long-time storage will make Macca seeds stink, easy to cause poisoning, because in Macca seeds have many oils, types This oil is easily molded. Mold types in oilseeds contain many dangerous toxins.

2. How to make macca seed soup with squash

Melon after choosing the squash as desired, we wash it, wash off all the chalks outside the squash. Then we peel it, cut it into small pieces, finally we cut the bars into small pieces, with a maximum length of 1.5 to 2 cm. Set aside a basket.

Macca nuts we bring smashed, beating small by half peanut seeds. Bring roasted macca seeds over medium heat, roast until Macca seeds turn yellow then pour into a cup. Should not beat macca nuts too small nor should macca nuts too long, until Macca grain yellow, then turn off the stove immediately, then stir all the time and then stop.

3. How to cook macca nut soup with squash

Melon after being cut and cleaned, put it in the kitchen, add water, so that the water flooded all the squash, then increase the amount of water equal to the amount of water added to make the squash. Soak squash about 10 to 15 minutes then remove the basket to drain.

Put the pan on the stove, add some cooking oil to the pan, and then add a bit of ground meat to the pan, stirring it evenly, until the meat is fully cooked, then stop. Do not leave the fire too big, not roasting for too long. After the minced meat itself, we have put all the squash in and put clean water in the pumpkin. At the same time we let the roasted macca seeds, cooked, until the squash is soft, then we taste it. We can optionally taste the taste of family members. Finally we put some coriander on top, turn off the heat and proceed to enjoy.

The macca nut soup with squash, though through many complicated steps, but the time to prepare soup is not so much, the ingredients are easy to find and buy at food shops around us. Just spend no more than 1 hour we can finish processing Macca nut soup.

How to make macca nut jam

Macca nut jam is one of the most popular delicacies, they also bring many effects to enhance the body as well as enhance memory, besides it also helps our skeletal system to be better developed. . In this article we will show you how to make macca nut jam, to make macca nut jam, we need to prepare the main ingredient is macadamia nuts and other common jam ingredients in daily life.

The effects of macca nut jam

Macca nuts are one of the many nutritious nuts, we can make Macca nuts into many different delicacies. Because of that, the macca nut jam also contains the full effect of Macca nut. Not only that in this dish, macca nuts are combined with many other nuts, to increase the taste of the dish, increase the ability to restore health to those who eat them.

Raw materials used to make macca nut jam

Macca nuts are a key ingredient in this recipe, our macca nuts need to select the solid seeds, to ensure plenty of nutrients. Macca nuts should not select un-peeled seeds, nor select the seeds with too large a peeling path, not select the ones with the sugar split by hand. Next is eating sugar, we should not eat too much sugar in the recipes, because eating too much sugar is not good for our body in the long term. Glutinous rice flour is the last ingredient in this recipe, glutinous rice flour we should buy in reputable local food suppliers, do not buy glutinous rice flour that has been preserved for more than 6 months, because if glutinous rice flour is preserved in a good environment, after 6 months glutinous rice flour is also degraded, thereby making the delicious dish less attractive.

How to make macca nut jam

Macca seeds after we select the seeds like that, then remove the shell, roast evenly over high fire, roast until Macca seeds fall yellow. Then we smash Macca nuts into blocks of 1/2 peanut seeds.

Glutinous rice flour we also use the pan and roast evenly over medium heat, roasting until we see the sticky rice flour completely dry, turn off the heat and bring the glutinous rice flour out of the pan, into the cup to continue the next stage.

Now we put the cleaned pan on the stove, heat up the pan, then put the roasted Macca nut and crushed it together with glutinous rice flour, stirring it evenly for about 1 minute. Now let us add sugar and a little water, the amount of water to be added so as to make the sugar soak into Macca seeds and glutinous rice flour. Heat the donkey until the sugar melts and completely adheres to the Macca nut. Finally, we put some vanilla in the pan and stir it evenly, stirring until the mixes in the adhesive pan stick evenly to each other, stop, jam the macadamia seeds to cool, put in the storage jar to eat gradually.

How to make jam macca nuts is not too difficult, nor does it take too much of our time. On the contrary, this delicious dish will help our family have fun moments together, the dish of macca nut jam is also a way for us to become stronger, the dish also helps enrich their family meal me.