How to roast chestnuts

Nuts, water, salt. Using a sharp knife, sharp to the surface of a grain line to ripen, chestnuts will crack the shell easier to peel. After that, put in a bowl of water, the chestnuts are emerging, then picked up because the seeds were broken.

Rinse the chestnuts with cold water. Place the chestnuts in a pot boiling with some salt. Boil. When boiling water, turn the fire to boil chestnuts for about 10 – 15 minutes until the chestnut cracked and white is okay. Place the chestnuts in a drain pan.

Place the chestnuts in a roasting pan with a small amount of flame, stir well for 15-20 minutes until the chestnut crack, the shell is slightly burning, golden seeds and fragrant. During the roasting process, it is possible to add a small amount of salt to keep the heat, to help the chestnut faster.