How to use Marxist skin care

Can be combined with other essential oils such as cayenne seed oil, argan oil, red raspberry oil, primrose oil, spring seed oil… to provide skin with many kinds of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and Different antioxidants.

Use light and dark: use oil seedlings soon after the clean skin, dry absorbent and rose water. In the morning use 1-2 drops. Evening use 6-7 drops overnight. Macadamia oil contains very high fat content, but it penetrates well and does not clog pores.

You can use Marjoram Oil similar to pure argan oil as a primer before applying makeup or rubbing sunscreen.

Because Macadamia nut oil is partially soluble in water, it dissolves in oil and alcohol, which can be combined with moisturizing water such as rose water, lavender, etc. in moisturizing step after cleansing.

Deep cleansing mask

After peeling and exfoliating the skin, apply a peach oil and watermelon seed oil to a fairly thick layer on the face, combine steam, massage the skin gently for 5 minutes to thoroughly cleanse the skin. sebum and toxins accumulate in the pores. Wash your face well with plenty of water.

Eye Serum

Use pure or mixed with caryone seed oil at a ratio of 1: 1. This anti-aging, prevent skin aging eye area. bright dark circles, sagging eyes. Only gently massage the skin around the eyes.

Moisturizing body lotion: After cleansing, soak dry, massage gently with oil. Moisturize on skin while moisturizing skin and open pores to help oil penetrate into the skin, nourishing a smooth whole body skin. memorable, fresh. Same as for face, or mixed with other oils to form a new massage oil. Macadamia nut oil is especially effective in the care of dry skin, thanks to its excellent moisturizing effect. Macadamia Oil combines well with essential oils and essential oils to achieve high efficiency in massage therapy.

Maca nuts help the heart healthy

In recent times, people have referred to maca as queen of nuts. The kernel of Maca beans has an oil content of 78%, higher than peanut (44.8%), cashew nuts (47%).

Highly nutritious ingredients include fat, protein, sugar, fiber, vitamin B, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

Macadamia nuts contain amino acids, including eight kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, especially arginine, which makes blood vessels more flexible. The antioxidants in maca also bring a lot of benefits to the cardiovascular system. In maca oil over 87% are unsaturated fatty acids, many of which the human body can not synthesize. When eaten in reducing cholesterol, have the effect of preventing atherosclerosis.

In addition, the fat-soluble B vitamins found in chestnuts help produce red blood cells, converting starches and fats into energy. This process also helps promote healthy skin and enhance brain function.

Nutrition from maca seeds for children

In maca seeds contain minerals, vitamins, omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 very beneficial for pregnant women and children. Macca seeds provide plenty of energy with twice the calorie content of other nuts.

Maca beans are considered the best nuts, the most caring and the most expensive in the world. So, they are called queens in the nuts. The seeds are 2-3cm in size, round, creamy, very fragrant, soft as butter and smooth over the tip of the tongue.

Macadamia nuts have 78% oil content, 44.8% higher than peanuts, 47% cashew kernel… In Maca oil, 87% of unsaturated fatty acids, which the human body does not synthesize. When eaten in reducing cholesterol, have the effect of preventing atherosclerosis.

The protein content in the nucleus is up to 9.2%, including 20 kinds of amino acids including eight kinds of amino acids needed for the human body. In addition, the multivitamin contains a multitude of vitamins, vitamins are very beneficial for pregnant women and children, providing abundant energy with twice the caloric content than other nuts.

According to nutrition experts, eating mothers like nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, maca seeds, walnuts … is the best way to keep a healthy weight without having too much calories. In addition, these nuts are rich in essential fatty acids, B vitamins, proteins and minerals are very good for the formation and development, especially the brain development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers who eat these fruits will help to enrich their diets and contribute to the energy of the fetus. On the other hand, maca is also a good source of oil and protein to help improve anorexia in pregnant mothers.

At present, there are many suppliers of processed products from Maca including Maca beans, Maca roasted beans. High-end imported products are also available, but are sold only in supermarkets and high-end stores.